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Finding a Good Man

September 18, 2014

Some women seem to be drawn to the same type of man over and over again, often with disastrous results. Many times the woman is looking for a man she feels will “complete her” as a person. She thinks she must be in a relationship with a man in order for her to be happy, […]

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How To Be Approachable to Guys

August 28, 2014

If you want a man to approach you, you have to make yourself approachable. In our society it is generally the man’s job to go up to the woman to strike up a conversation and possibly ask her out for a date. A lot of women do things that prevent men from approaching them without […]

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How To Get A Man To Propose

February 17, 2014
how to get a man to propose

When it comes to many relationships, there’s one thing that most women take seriously — and that’s getting a ring on their finger. Getting to that point in the relationship, where you’re both ready to jump in with both feet and say “You know what? We’re ready to spend the rest of our lives together” […]

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How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

February 15, 2014
how to get your boyfriend to propose

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your boyfriend to propose, then there are some tips you should consider, following in order, to achieve this goal. The harsh reality is, there are instances where women are sabotaging their relationships, indadvertedly. Unfortunately, so many women are making mistake after mistake and ultimately prevents their […]

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