Complimenting a Guy the RIGHT Way…

Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves. This is still true, even when someone is in a relationship. When compliments are given in the right way, you can make the other person feel good without feeling like you’re demeaning your own value.

Complimenting a guy builds up and boosts his confidence and self esteem, therefore, it’s vital to give him this type of nourishment.

What It Means:
Finding something nice to say about your man doesn’t have to be forced or difficult, nor does it lessen your value in his eyes. The most important thing to remember about compliments is that they work best when they’re sincerely given.

Men tend to have fragile egos, despite what they would have you believe, and because of that, you don’t want to be handing out compliments that you don’t mean.

complimentingaguy2ND-PAGEBottom Line:
When used properly, complimenting your partner can be a powerful tool in your relationship toolbox. When you start looking for nice things to say about people, you may be surprised to discover how many you find.

Give him your sincere appreciation and compliment him by saying, “You are so smart my Darling, I am sure you will succeed” or say “With you I feel like a real lady!

Men are very sensitive to hypocrisy and can distinguish insincerity very quickly, therefore, avoid showering your guy with “empty worship” out of the blue.

Try watching this video to give you more ideas in complimenting a guy the right way.


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