Finding a Good Man

Lovely couple do love each other very wellSome women seem to be drawn to the same type of man over and over
again, often with disastrous results. Many times the woman is
looking for a man she feels will “complete her” as a person. She thinks she must be in a relationship with a man in order for her to be happy, successful and fulfilled.

What It Means:
When a woman considers herself incomplete without a man, she often comes across as needy in finding a good man.

Unfortunately, there are men out there who are very adept at seeking out needy women, and often exploit them on many different levels.

Girl In Thought
Sometimes it stems from a woman’s lack of self-confidence. She mistakenly believes that she can’t survive on her own as a single woman in this big bad world, when in most cases, it simply isn’t true.

Being single is an important time in a woman’s life. It allows her to figure out who she really is, what type of man she wants and what she hopes to get from a relationship. It gives her time to recognize that she’s a good person, a complete person, even without a man in her life.

By knowing herself better, and what her own dreams and goals are, she’s in a better position to wait for the right man to come along,
instead of trying to find him in each man she meets.

Bottom Line:
Women who find themselves moving from one bad relationship to another need to stop and take a breath…realize it’s okay to be single, and remind themselves of all the wonderful qualities they possess. They deserve to have a good relationship base on mutual admiration and respect, not one based on a perceived “need”.

Healthy and satisfying relationships involve almost equal trades. Both people are happy. Neither feels cheated.
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