Giving An Ultimatum in Relationship Standstill – Is it Acceptable?

A white, wooden house for sale sign with the question Should I SUsing an ultimatum to get that sought after wedding ring is like committing relationship suicide.

If you feel the need to present your boyfriend with an ultimatum concerning your relationship, it MUST be authentic! Remember, giving an ultimatum in relationship standstill scenarios should be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to women who so badly want to be engaged to their boyfriend, ultimatums are a commonplace. The waiting game drives desperation (especially if she has been waiting for more than a year or two to get engaged) and desperation can lead to threats!

Yes, ultimatum is just a fancy word for “threat”. Women who throw marriage ultimatums at their boyfriends obviously don’t realize that this kind of pressure and “all or nothing” attitude commonly results in the demise of the relationship.

Is there Ever A Good Time to Use An Ultimatum?

When is an ultimatum acceptable? Only when you are ready to deal with the truth and act on the response! If you give your boyfriend a “now or never” lecture, you best be prepared to pack your bags and leave if he comes back with a “never” response. Staying in a relationship after he says “never” will only result in your losing all credibility and leverage in the relationship.

Bottom Line: Only give an ultimatum if you’re ready to hear the truth and are willing to act on it, whatever the response may be.

Here’s a much better way to get him to pop the question WITHOUT using threats and dangerous ultimatums. This video shows you exactly hot to get him to pop the question without resorting to ultimatum in relationship tactics.




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