How To Be Approachable to Guys

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If you want a man to approach you, you have to make
yourself approachable

In our society it is generally the man’s job to go up to the woman
to strike up a conversation and possibly ask her out for a date.

A lot of women do things that prevent men from approaching them without even realizing it.

Likewise, if you want to be approachable to guys, always bear all of these in mind.

Happy Group Of People  
One example is if you go out to a club or a bar with a large group
of friends.

If you are in a big group, it is a lot less likely for a man to approach you and there are a number of reasons for this.
One is that a nice guy might feel like he is interrupting if you are sitting there,chatting with your friends. A bigger reason is the fear of rejection.

It’s not easy for a lot of guys to approach a woman because of a
fear of rejection. The only thing that is worse than being rejected by a
woman, is being rejected by a woman in front of several other

All but the most confident men will have this image in their
mind of going up to you, getting shot down, and then having a group
of attractive women laughing at him.

Two women enjoy a coffee break
To make yourself approachable you will have to spend a little bit
of time by yourself. You can still go to a bar or a club with your
friends but you can take a little walk by yourself or stand by the
bar for a minute without traveling in a pack.
Your body language also says a lot and the way you carry yourself
can make you more or less approachable. Men are simple creatures
though so it is important to keep things as simple as possible.

If you want a man to approach you, make eye contact with him and
give him a nice smile. If he is attracted to you and he is not a complete
wimp, he will come up to you.

If you want a man to approach you, you’ll have to make it as easy
 as possible for him. Breaking away from your group of friends 
for a minute and giving a guy a nice smile lets him know that 
you might be attracted to him and gives him an opportunity to 
approach you without the risk of being embarrassed in front of all
of your friends.
So once a guy approached you and you have learned to know him very well,
here is another way where you can make him like you more and extremely love you.



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