How to Change a Man

Young couple arguing in their living room
It can be difficult to “make” a man do something you want him to do, like change a behavior, but he’s usually receptive to being “taught” how to do it. Never expect perfection at least not right away. You must learn how to change a man gradually, do not rush. Climbing a mountain without steps and support is overwhelming.

What It Means:

Men will usually resist being forced into doing anything. This is
why ultimatums are such a poor choice if you’re hoping to change
something about the relationship.

It’s also important to know the difference between trying to change
a behavior you don’t like, such as texting his buddies during
dinner, and trying to change who he is, like making him give up
those buddies.

Bottom Line:

When a man is attracted to you to the point of entering into a
relationship, he sincerely wants to please you. But it’s unfair of
women to think that men automatically know what that means. It’s up
to each woman to guide her man and teach him about the things that make her happy.

Now that you have learned that this is not difficult task, here are inspiring videos to watch that will guide you with all those strategies on how to change a man.


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