How to Deeply Connect with a Man

Did you know that you can create an instant connection with ANY man you want by simply flirting you way into his heart? It’s true. Knowing how to deeply connect with a man isn’t some deeply guarded secret. It’s actually quite simple.

The only thing is, you need to be very careful with what kind of flirting “tricks” and techniques you are using, otherwise, you can give the wrong impression, or you can even drive a man away.

Here are The 5 Simple Ways to create an instant connection with ANY man that proven to get him interested in you and make him like you instantly:

1. Listen

Man Whispering A Woman Something ImportantMost women are making this simple mistake of talking TOO MUCH and not really listening to what a man have to say.

It seems to him as if you just pausing and waiting to talk again. Men hate when that happens. They feel like you are not interested, because you are not listening to anything they say.

Practice listening and asking questions. Next time you’ll be on a date, make sure you are really listening to what he has to say – then he’ll feel an instant connection.

2. Touch

Happy smiling couple painting interior wall of home.A light touch can create a deep connection between two people.

But don’t be too forceful and aggressive – it gives him the wrong impression.

A little light pawing is all you need to let him know that you are interested. Touch his arm, leg, or his back slightly – he’ll feel connected to you instantly.

3. Smile

Beautiful and healthy woman smile, close-upSmiling is the best thing you can do to connect with almost anyone.

But, to make your smile more personal look him straight into the eyes for a couple of seconds and then smile.

This is how your smile can create an instant connection with a man’s heart. And remember to smile more often – show him that you are happy. Everyone wants to connect with a happy person.

4. Use Eye Contact

Happy romantic couple having loving moment touching foreheads loShow him that you are confident, focused and interested in him.

Make an eye contact with him more often. Initiate the connection with him.

Nothing bad can come from genuine, good-will and love. Your love is for you first and your boyfriend second.

Be proud of that love.

It will empower you and raise your confidence in your lover’s eyes.

That’s a sure way to connect with a man.

5. Flatter

Business Secrets NewsCompliment indicates that you have a romantic interest. When you compliment him, you instantly create a better and deeper connection. And sure any guy likes to be complimented and feel desired and appreciated.

Warning: DO NOT overdo. We women get so into a guy sometimes that we might tend to use our flirting “tricks” too often…

To be more effective, be subtler and not over-the-top. Make sure you are not making him uncomfortable. Take a “break” from giving him signals and then start again. And at the same time, keep your signals consistent.

And, the most important thing is, flirt with only ONE man at the same time. If you are flirting with him and the other guys at the same time, it will not only confuse him, he might get the wrong message and disappear.

For more ways to draw him in and make him commit to marriage sooner than later, be sure to watch this video.




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