How To Get A Man To Marry You – Top Tips For Women

how to get a man to marry you

When you are in a serious relationship with a man, you are bound to expect him to pop the big question eventually.

Yet, you probably already know that getting a man to commit to the relationship and taking it to the next level is not as easy as it sounds.

Unlike women, men take more time and a lot more prodding to cement the relationship. So, it’s only natural that the big question on many women’s minds is how to get a man to marry you.

Here you’ll discover strategies that aren’t pushy, yet nudge your relationship in the right direction, getting you engaged sooner than later.

Your friends might tell you how difficult it is to get a man to say that he’s ready for the next big step. But, there’s no reason for you to think that you’ll have the same uphill task ahead of you. Granted, most men have issues when it comes to dealing with marriage and the responsibilities that come with it. But once they are sure about it, they do not think of it as a burden or an unwelcome change in their lives. The trick lies in your ability to make him feel right about it. How do you accomplish that? Here are some tips that will help.

Be the Woman Your Man Cannot Resist

Men love women who are confident about themselves and if you are a woman who’s sure about her personality, your man will begin to picture his life with you in the future tense. Remember, self-confidence is like a magnet that pulls men towards you and makes them surer about their future with their ladylove. So, if you are a woman your guy knows would be foolish to let go off, then his though process will follow your lead.

Communicate Regularly

Some women just assume their men will pop the question soon because they have been in a relationship for some time. They keep waiting for the proposal, even when the man doesn’t know about their anticipation. The best way to avoid unrealistic expectations and let your guy know what you have in mind is to communicate with him. Tell him, what you think of the relationship and where you want it to head without sounding clingy. Some men really don’t think about marriage, until you bring it up. So, express yourself and gently solidify your stance.

Work on the Relationship First

Are you sure you are ready to take your relationship to the next level? Do you know each other so well that it is natural to expect marriage? Are you in a position to consider it? Men look at marriage as a big commitment (as you both should), something that they want to be absolutely sure about.

Honestly, the success of your marriage also depends largely on how ready BOTH of you are. So before getting him to say those magical four words, you need to work on your relationship first. Address issues bothering you two and work on making your bond stronger. Once you both are sure about it, it will be only a matter of time before you walk down the aisle.

Appreciate Him and His Efforts

If you want to get married to your man, you must learn to appreciate him and his efforts. If you constantly complain about his faults, he is only going to believe that marriage will be a big mistake with you. Rather, you should show affection and appreciation for what he does. Men love it when they hear compliments from the special woman in their lives. So try to be more supportive and loving to make him understand how much he means to you.

Be His Friend

Most men fear marriage because they feel it traps them. They have to put up with too many questions, a lot of nagging and responsibilities they would rather avoid. You can avoid all this, if you simply choose to be a good friend first. If he knows that he can talk to you without getting judged or criticized, he will feel more secure about the relationship and its future. He will also not think about marriage as an imposition. Rather, it will be a logical progression of your relationship.

Let Him be the Person He Wants to Be

Regardless of what rom-coms and romantic novels might make you believe, men who build grand houses just because they are waiting for their ladylove to return, exist only in fiction. You also cannot expect your man to be like your friend’s husband, simply because you look up to them as the ‘Perfect Couple’. You have to accept him for who he is. The more you try to change him, the more suffocating he is going to feel in the relationship and fear any sort of commitment.

This is only the beginning…

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