How To Get A Man To Propose

how to get a man to propose

When it comes to many relationships, there’s one thing that most women take seriously — and that’s getting a ring on their finger.

Getting to that point in the relationship, where you’re both ready to jump in with both feet and say “You know what? We’re ready to spend the rest of our lives together” can take some coaxing on your part though, and that’s normal.

Sometimes, men just need that nudge, that reminder, that assistance to get them to the point where they’re ready to pop the question. Here’s how to get a man to propose:

Make Sure He’s the One

Are the two of you in a well balanced relationship where you respect one another? Is he the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Before you go any further you’re going to want to make sure that he’s the one. Can you see yourself with him for life — maintaining the attraction to him, and ensuring that your common goals are aligned? Do you see eye to eye on the big stuff like your finances, the goals about family planning and lifestyle choices? Make sure that you are truly ready to jump in before convincing him to put a ring on your finger.

Get Yourself Prepared

Taking the next step together in your relationship for marriage means coming together as one. Sharing finances, a home and the future means there should be a certain level of preparedness. Preparedness in the finances, preparedness in a future plan and preparedness in the lifestyle, to accommodate a partner and successfully be able to maintain a relationship is essential. In order to get him to propose, you must first be ready.

Get the Future on His Mind

Casually start to mention things about the future. If you’ve been together for an extended length of time and he hasn’t brought it up, get him thinking about the simple things. Ask him whether he would like to start saving up to go on a specific vacation in a couple of years, talk about your five year plan together and start off with your own personal, career and lifestyle goals. Ask him about his own five year goals and see if the topic of marriage comes up in the conversation.

Communicate Your Expectations

If you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period of time and there has been no talk of taking the next step, it might be that he doesn’t realize your own expectations and timeline for the relationship. Having open lines of communication in the relationship and being able to speak honestly with one another is essential. You have to be able to communicate that marriage is important to you, and a part of your relationship timeline.

Start Saving for the Big Day

Weddings are expensive, and one of the reasons that many men avoid the topic. If you’re in the part of a relationship where you know the future is going to hold a wedding, you might want to consider saving up for the special day.

You might want to consider bringing up the alternative options to a traditional wedding. Talking about destination weddings, a small wedding or even heading off for the weekend and eloping can ease him (and you) of the financial stress that accompanies a wedding. For some men, it’s the financial stress that’s the deal breaker so informing him that a small wedding is just right can help him to propose to you.

Start Dropping Hints

If you’ve talked about the future together and marriage is something that you know he is willing to consider, you could go big — and leave hints for him. Email him photos of friends’ weddings, leave out those wedding announcements and invitations that come in the mail. If you’re really brave (and you really want him to pop the question) circle pictures of engagement rings that you like and leave them where he is going to see them.

Don’t Force It

Regardless of the steps that you want to take to tie the knot — don’t force it. Forcing the situation might make his potential nervousness increase, reducing the chances that he’s going to pop the question at all.

Keeping open lines of communication in the relationship and ensuring that you’re on the same page when it comes to the relationship, and the potential of future engagement and marriage, is going to ensure that he pops the question when he’s ready — and when you’re both going to step into the next phase of the relationship, together.

Getting him to pop the question might not happen overnight. It’s a process of making sure that he’s ready, that you’re ready and that the two of you are ready to begin your life together.

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