How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

how to get your boyfriend to propose

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your boyfriend to propose, then there are some tips you should consider, following in order, to achieve this goal.

The harsh reality is, there are instances where women are sabotaging their relationships, indadvertedly. Unfortunately, so many women are making mistake after mistake and ultimately prevents their boyfriends from proposing. Identifying these errors in judgement can save you a whole lot of heartache.

Mistakes that Could Prevent Proposals:

• Do not pick men who treat you badly.
• Do not settle for less than what you deserve or for behavior that is unacceptable.
• Be honest about how you want a commitment and do not stay with men who do not want that.

If you are following the points above in the wrong way, you are setting yourself up to fail. You have to change your approach in terms of commitment and relationships and, eventually, good men will come forward with the desire to propose.

Additional Mistakes Women Make:

• Being too accommodating and “extra” nice hoping it will entice a proposal from their boyfriend.
• Nagging their boyfriend about making a commitment to them.
• Trying to convince them to commit by using sex or other seduction methods.
• Giving their boyfriend an ultimatum if they do not commit.

These types of mistakes backfire on women and drive men away. When men are faced with these types of situations, the last thing they want to do is propose to their girlfriends.

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Proposal:

The following guidelines may appear controversial at first. Please take the time to read through them all, even if initially you feel a bit off-put by their tone. The fact of the matter is, men and women are different in nature and by that fact the dynamics of their relationship follow a specific give and take (the flow of the relationship).

When you fight against this flow, you disturb the balance that your counterpart is looking for. Guys feel an instinctual need to be in a relationship that accommodates the following attributes. Follow this outline carefully and you’ll be able to transform your relationship into one where your man is drawn to commitment rather than contemplative of it.


Many women struggle with this, but it is an important learning opportunity. Do not take on the masculine role and allow him to take this on wholeheartedly. Women are the “receivers” in the relationship, while the men are the “doers.” By allowing your man to take control of the “doing” aspects, you will help relieve the tension in the relationship.


Men want to feel good with their women and, as simple as this sounds, it is a primary motivator behind most relationships. A man’s urge is to make his woman happy, and he feels good when successfully achieving this goal. Therefore, it is up to you to show him how pleased you are by his efforts by showing him appreciation.


If you are not taking very good care of yourself (physically and emotionally), how can you expect your man to do this? A man wants to marry a woman who values and takes pride in herself, and who knows what she is worth. This does not mean you have to walk around with make-up on and trying to look perfect all the time. However, this does mean that your basic needs must be met regularly, and that you are honoring yourself.


Men are naturally drawn to women who lead a passionate life, and this is fueled by her saying yes more often. In addition to leading a happier life while in the midst of all these opportunities, you may receive a proposal or two. Do not wait for him to make you happy and take responsibility for your happiness by saying yes to life. You are increasing your personal power and self-worth by doing so, which leads him to believe he may lose you if he does not act by proposing.


If something does not feel good to you or if something does not feel right, you have the right to say no. When women say no, she is showing how powerful she is no matter the situation. This act of power is something men find incredibly attractive.


Do not be squeamish about telling a man that you want to be married. When you are clear from the beginning, you will be met with appreciation. You are speaking your truth and not beating around the bush about anything. This does not mean you are telling him you want to be married specifically to him if you are on a first date. You are just setting your intentions and, when on a first date, he will know the difference.

Final Thoughts:

The bottom line is to be clear with your boyfriend about your intentions from the first day you meet him. You have known you want to be married long before you met him, so this is not new information to you. However, this is new information to him and he has the right to know this as soon as the two of you begin a relationship.

When you are thinking about how to get your boyfriend to propose, do not approach him in a nagging manner or with an ultimatum. Not only will these tactics drive him away, they will cause long-term damage to the relationship. You want him to trust you just as much as you want to trust him.

Really, these guidelines are just the tip of the iceberg. For a complete, step by step tutorial on how to go from boyfriend to fiancee as fast as womanly possible, be sure to watch the Girl Gets Ring Video right now.




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