How to Make your Man Feel loved


Being able to totally support your guy in everything he does may be the most important thing to look for in a relationship. Small things like hand-holding, walking arm in arm with him, or resting your head on his shoulder or chest if you’re laying down are ways on how to make your man feel loved.

What It Means:

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to change the core of what makes him the person he is. It’s far easier to find the type of man you want from the beginning.

If it’s important to you that your man has a steady, 9-5 job, then chances are you’ll never be able to completely support a man with an entrepreneurial spirit, who may want to quit a “regular” job in order to pursue his dream.

ManwithAJobA much better solution is to find a man who also believes it’s important to have a steady, 9-5 job.

Bottom Line:

Being supportive is a very important trait that men want in the women they settle down with. They may not actively seek it, but they’ll definitely know if it isn’t there. A man in a relationship in which he feels supported, admired, and respected is a happy man who will remain in that relationship for life.

If you appreciate what he does for you, tell him. Relationships, and romance, are a two way street.

Have a more detailed impression by watching this video on how to make your man feel loved.


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