How to Meet a Husband – Align Yourself

Eye looking through hole. Isolated on white backgroundIt’s question that beckons every woman out there who’s done with the dating game.

When you’re in the mindset of finally settling down and taking your life towards the path of having a family, all you care about is what matters most – how to meet a husband.

When a woman hopes to meet a man who’s intellectual and refined, she’s far more likely to find him at an art auction or a charity dinner than at a biker bar.

What It Means:

It’s important for a woman to spend time in the same sort of environment as the type of man she’s hoping to meet. Ideally, it should be a man who shares at least some of the same hobbies and passions.

If a woman wants to find an athletic man, but is spending time trying to meet men in libraries, museums and art galleries, she’s wasting precious time, as the song says, “looking for love in all the wrong places”.

Cute women doing some squatsIf the athletic type is what she prefers, she needs to spend her time getting familiar with runners’ groups, local softball leagues, Frisbee tournaments, etc.

By frequenting the same type of places as the man she hopes to meet, her odds of actually meeting that type of man increase drastically.

Combine that with making sure she seems approachable once she’s there (friendly expression, not surrounded by an entourage of girlfriends, etc.) and it’s a recipe for romance!

Bottom Line:

Time is really our most precious commodity. It is finite, and once spent, it cannot be recovered. Don’t waste valuable time hoping to find the right man when you’re looking for him in the wrong places.

That’s definitely NOT how to meet a husband.

And, once you DO find Mr. Right – be sure to act the part of his future Mrs. Right. You can find out EXACTLY what this involves by watching the “Girl Gets Ring” video here.




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