Men Need Space

In the same way a flame needs oxygen to grow, a relationship needs
some breathing room to flourish. It’s important to understand how
easy it can be to smother a relationship by applying too much
pressure on the first few dates.

Harsh, but you have to realize that men need space to breath some air when it comes to a relationship.

What It Means:

Because of the way men and women experience emotions differently,
men typically need some space in order for their feelings to gel
into something solid. If you’re calling or texting him a dozen
times a day, you’re denying him the time he needs for those
feelings to form and for him to miss you.

Bottom Line:

Try to keep the communication balanced, especially in the early
stages of a new relationship. Don’t go overboard, bombarding him
with text messages and phone calls. Give him the space he needs to
fall for you.

Spend time on yourself, remember, a confident woman with a sense of her own purpose is extremely attractive, so you’ll be doing both of you a favor by remembering your own strength. Watch this video to learn more ideas why men need space.


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