How to Get a Guy to Approach You

September 1, 2014

If men are not approaching you, there might be something that’s making you “unapproachable”. Men are always approaching women, but there are certain situations that will stop them in their tracks: a group of women, a woman who is sitting down, a “mean” facial expression, etc. Are you preventing men from approaching you? What It […]

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How to Keep Him Interested

August 29, 2014

The first conversation can make or break the future of the potential relationship. So, it’s in your best interest to know how to keep him interested. In other words, the goal of the “first” conversation should be to make it stimulating enough for the other person to want a “second” conversation – and this doesn’t […]

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How To Be Approachable to Guys

August 28, 2014

If you want a man to approach you, you have to make yourself approachable. In our society it is generally the man’s job to go up to the woman to strike up a conversation and possibly ask her out for a date. A lot of women do things that prevent men from approaching them without […]

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How to Deeply Connect with a Man

August 26, 2014

Did you know that you can create an instant connection with ANY man you want by simply flirting you way into his heart? It’s true. Knowing how to deeply connect with a man isn’t some deeply guarded secret. It’s actually quite simple. The only thing is, you need to be very careful with what kind […]

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Women and Online Dating

August 25, 2014

Online dating for women is unfair. Statistics show that 90% of the women participating in online dating sites are all emailing the same 10% of the men on those sites. As you can see, the competition is fierce for women in the world of online dating and that’s all the reason that you need to […]

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Giving An Ultimatum in Relationship Standstill – Is it Acceptable?

August 24, 2014

Using an ultimatum to get that sought after wedding ring is like committing relationship suicide. If you feel the need to present your boyfriend with an ultimatum concerning your relationship, it MUST be authentic! Remember, giving an ultimatum in relationship standstill scenarios should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to women who so […]

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5 Signs That He Loves You

August 23, 2014

Men have very difficult time expressing their feelings and that’s why saying “I love you” is always a big deal for them. But no worries! You can still find out how he feels about you, because he’s going to give himself away. Apart from this obvious three-word “proof” of his love EVERY man shows one […]

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Getting Past Relationship Lies

August 22, 2014

Lying to someone early in a relationship is like building a house on a foundation of sand. The house may stand initially, but it’s only a matter of time before a slight breeze picks up and sends the thing crashing down. This is why relationship lies need to be completely omitted from your way of […]

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How to Attract a Guy – 5 Vital Secrets

August 21, 2014

Attracting a man is no more difficult than finding food in a refrigerator, if you know what to do. Using five simple techniques, you too can become a man-magnet and find a man for your life. Don’t worry – all they take is a bit of confidence and know how… but this confidence and know-how […]

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How To Get A Man To Propose

February 17, 2014
how to get a man to propose

When it comes to many relationships, there’s one thing that most women take seriously — and that’s getting a ring on their finger. Getting to that point in the relationship, where you’re both ready to jump in with both feet and say “You know what? We’re ready to spend the rest of our lives together” […]

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