Signs He’s Ready To Commit

Despite everything they say about bachelorhood, majority of men WANT to commit.
Because while bachelorhood can be fun and exciting, it is often emotionally unfulfilling, and men often crave a deeper connection with someone special. That’s why EVERY single man deep down wants to find his true soul mate.
And even if your partner is hesitating with the proposal, he could be already mentally and emotionally committed to you. And here is how you can find out if he is ready to commit.

Here are 6 signs that give his true feelings away:

Sign #1. He Trusts You

HeTrustsYouWhen a man shares his thoughts and innermost secrets with you, he’s intentions are candid. He trusts you – you are his confidant and his best friend. When you have this kind of deep connection with him – it’s a sure sign that he is ready to share his life with you.


Sign #2. Your Opinion Matters

YourOpinionMattersHe always asks for your opinion and respects your decisions. He’s able to meet you halfway and knows what you like and what you don’t like. When it comes to planning the future you are always involved, because he’s no longer thinking in terms of “I” – he’s thinking in terms of “we.”

Sign #3. He’s Introduced You To Everyone

Happy family celebrating
You’ve already met his family, friends, his office colleagues and just about everyone he is associated with. You are the one he wants to be seen with and he’s confident about it. That’s a sign he’s planning to spend his future with you and he wants everyone to know about it.

Sign #4. He Is Always Available

HeIsAlwaysAvailableYour man is always ready to answer the phone no matter how many times a day you call. He likes to talk to you and to be around you. If he invests time in your relationship and always trying to find excuses to be around – that’s a sure sign he’s really into you.

Sign #5. His Future Plans Always Include You

Man Whispering A Woman Something Important
When he talks about future he always has you in mind. When he switches “me” to “we” his mindset is not in a “single guy” mode anymore. He cares about your future together. He is in love and deeply committed to you.

Sign #6. He’s Not Afraid To Say How Much He Loves You

Romantic dateHe’s not scared of expressing true feelings of love for you, because he knows that you love him back and your relationship are sincere.
If you man often says how much he loves you and that he always wants to be with you – that’s a sure sign he’s ready to commit to you.
If you see these signs that means the man you date could be the one that ends up at the end of the aisle with you!

Usually a man’s start showing these signs after dating you for more than 6 months. Sometimes you can see these signs earlier in a relationship, other times later. But you shouldn’t trust a guy who tells you he loves you during the first few weeks of dating. That’s a sure sign he is not sincere about his feelings.

But if the man you date is showing these signs after being with you for some time, he is already committed and devoted to you. But try not to put any pressure on him. Any talk about marriage and committed relationship can only drive him away. You need to pick the RIGHT time to talk about things like that. And you need to use the best technique there is to get him thinking about marriage without scaring him away.




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