Valuable Tips On How To Get Your Man To Propose

how to get your man to propose

Love, sweet love! There’s nothing like finding true love in a relationship and knowing that “this is the one.”

In your mind, you’re already planning your future — where you want to live, how many kids you want to have, where you’ll go on your honeymoon. There’s only one problem — he hasn’t yet proposed.

What may seem like a “minor technicality” can actually put a damper on your entire future. If you find yourself in this scenario — don’t despair. Where there’s life, there’s hope. You just need to find the secret to how to get your man to propose.

All men are different when it comes to handling the prospect of marriage. Some men are ready to jump in with two feet while others are still “counting the cost.” If you hold the key to your man’s heart, you can overcome whatever hurdles stand in his way to taking the plunge.

Pitfalls for Getting Your Man to Propose

Sometimes what NOT to do is just as important as what to do in encouraging a man to propose. The following are some common mistakes women make when seeking a proposal from the man they love.

Accommodating his every whim

In an effort to win his favor (and his hand), you may be tempted to go overboard in trying to accommodate your man’s every whim, even if it goes against your personal desires or beliefs. This is a recipe for disaster. All relationships are built on love, respect and trust. By giving in to your man unconditionally, you can lose self-respect and become resentful of the situation you’ve created. Your man may even lose the respect he had for you as the woman he fell in love with. Rather than helping, compromising who and what you are could tear your relationship apart.

Nagging doesn’t work

Nagging is one of the worst ways of trying to get a proposal. Few men respond positively to nagging, whether it’s taking out the garbage or making important decisions on marriage. If you’re prone to nagging, start now to kick the habit and save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Giving your man an ultimatum

Most men resent being put on the spot with an ultimatum. Of course, every situation needs to be judged on its own merits. If you’ve been waiting years for your man to make a commitment with no decision in sight, you may need to discuss your options openly and honestly, letting him know you will not wait forever.

A lot depends on the situation and how you come across. An ultimatum given at the wrong time, in the wrong way and under the wrong circumstances could very well mean the end of your relationship. Few men want to be “bullied” into a marriage.

Tips for How to Get Your Man to Propose

Why makes men hesitate in committing to marriage? Fear of being hurt, fear of failure, doubts about starting a family — these reasons are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed openly before taking your relationship to the next level. Here’s how you can help him overcome in some of these areas.

Stop trying to take control

Recognize you have a role to play in your relationship and the “masculine” role is not it. Too many women want to usurp the man’s role in a relationship by taking his responsibilities and making decisions for him. You can help build a man’s confidence and self-esteem by assuming the “feminine” role — i.e. relinquishing control, giving him time, reassuring him of your love and trusting his decisions.

Strengthen your core as a woman

Use this time in your relationship to assert your womanhood, learning and growing in different areas of your life in preparation for the commitment to come. Rather than relying solely on your man for inspiration and happiness, develop the talents, gifts and qualities that make you happy and increase your self-worth. In short time, your man will realize what a catch you really are and why he can’t do without you.

Appreciate your man

Men want and need appreciation, especially from the woman they love. Take time to notice and appreciate your man’s efforts to please, his good qualities, his endeavors to succeed. Showing love and appreciation will strengthen your relationship and give your man confidence to take it to the next level.

Establish clear convictions in your relationship

Know when to say “no” and stand your ground. A man respects a woman with convictions. It helps him know where he stands. Be loving, but be truthful and open about your feelings in matters that count – sex, marriage, family. If you want your man to make a commitment, you can’t be wishy-washy on the topics that you are going to be building your life on.

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