What Do Guys Find Attractive

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Do you feel like you fall short in a particular trait that men find attractive?

For example, are you currently unemployed and hate meeting men at bars because the first question they ask is, “So what do you do?”

If this sounds like you, there is one thing that you need to drill into your head: “Breadth of attractions BEATS depth of attraction”!

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What It Means:

You’re probably looking for a man with a handful of different qualities. While, a few of these qualities may be a priority to you, is there just one quality on that list that a man MUST score high on? Probably not and let me explain why that is.

Women tend to seek out well-rounded men that can meet a variety of their needs. If a guy is successful when it comes to business, it’s a plus – but it’s not a trait that is going to meet a variety of a woman’s needs. We all know that money can make life easier – but it can’t buy happiness.

With this being said, men look at a woman’s traits in the same way. They may have a mental list of the qualities they want a woman to have, but the more qualities that she can display on the list the better. Think of quantity vs. quality, when it comes to this theory.

Bottom Line:

The significance in the breadth of attraction is that you don’t have to have a super-star trait that a man is looking for.

You will attract more men and have a better shot at a fulfilling relationship by showing a man that you have multiple qualities he is looking for in a woman.

When striking up a conversation with a man, make it your goal to highlight as many attractive qualities about yourself as you can, rather than focusing on one “home-run” quality that you have!

Now, does these gives you some ideas on what do guys find attractive?
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