What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit?


For many women, the real reason that men fall in love is as mysterious as an unexplained phenomenon – it happens, but no one knows why, except maybe the man and he may be too shy or too sly to say it.

Men, like women, fall in love for various reasons but while many of these reasons are well known, some of the ways that men commit to one woman can be rather perplexing.

So what exactly happens during the process? What makes a man fall in love and commit? Is there a science to it all or is it just simply the result of things coming together?

What Makes a Man Fall in Love and Commit?

One of the most basic things that women must learn about men is that men think differently. They are not doing things on purpose – that is just actually how they are programmed. So basically, men’s brains do not process information the way women’s brains do, hence the difference.

Although how a man behaves and performs certain actions can actually be influenced by factors such as culture, family and environment, there are a few general principles that govern how a man ultimately makes up his mind.

Knowing the most basic needs of a man will help you understand your guy better and see for yourself how you can show him that there is room for both of you in your life together.

Here are the most basic needs a man has that must be met to make him fall in love and commit:

the need to protectThe Need to Protect. A man is programmed to protect the person who is close to him. He sees himself as the person you can rely on when things get rough.

When you need him to nurture you and show that he and he alone can provide that protection, it makes him feel potent. This act is instinctual to him, that is, being that half of a couple who can take care of the other. In short, he wants to be your hero.

win his heartHow to Win His Heart: You don’t have to act all helpless and vulnerable in order to make him feel good. If you fake it, he will know. Instead, give him opportunities to roll up his sleeves, take charge and do a job he excels at. Ask him what he thinks to show him you value his opinion.

Let him take care of you and show you how well he can handle things. Each time he does something for you, thank him to show your appreciation.

the need to be appreciatedThe Need to Be Appreciated. Men need appreciation and respect. Their need to keep their self-esteem up is the reason why they work so hard to achieve their dreams. A man wants a woman who helps them achieve this, so someone who makes them feel important is a keeper.

This is especially true when the woman boosts his importance in the eyes of his friends, family and colleagues. For a man, nothing beats the feeling that he got lucky with you. The fact that people around him confirm this only makes the feeling way better.

win his heartHow to Win His Heart: Don’t be shy about telling him how attractive he is, how much talent and skills he has, and how he makes a difference in other people’s lives. The more unique the trait and talent, the more he should know how well he does. Be honest and sincere.

Keep in mind that compliments can get old and that they may sound repetitive and ridiculous if you say them often. You know your man much more than other people do, so you know what makes him happy. Keep things light and let him know that even if the going gets rough, you believe in him and will stay by his side.

Let him know that you chose him and that you are more than happy with your decision.

the need to feel comfortableThe Need to Feel Comfortable. Is comfort the death of an exciting relationship? Not so. In order for a man to fall in love and commit to one woman, he must find your relationship a good fit, the perfect match. When a man feels comfortable in a relationship, he enjoys it and feels it.

He no longer has to “think” or try to find a logical explanation for what he feels when he is with you.

When he accepts the comfort that your love brings, he is ready to take a step further.

win his heartHow to Win His Heart: Do things together and make sure you also give time to what he loves best. Plan a meal together, for example, then shop for ingredients and cook a great dish. Share an umbrella, nap together, work on a project, or volunteer as a couple. Forming a bond is so much more than just looking into each other’s eyes; it is also about being able to do things together and moving forward in the same direction.

the need to be his own personThe Need to Be His Own Person. More than anything, a man wants to know that you trust him, so give him a little freedom to be himself, to pursue his dreams and passion, and to find that special spark in his life with you by his side.

This need is crucial because it not only defines who the guy is but also who he is in your life.

win his heartHow to Win His Heart: Assure him that he does not need to change to fit your expectations, and that you love and accept him just the way he is. A man who feels that his woman understands him does not feel threatened. Instead, he feels appreciated for who he is. This makes him much more confident about himself and happier about who he is when he is with you. So what makes a guy fall in love and commit? When he knows he has someone he can trust, someone he can be himself with, someone who accepts him for who he is, no ifs, ands or buts.

Are You The One?

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