What Men Find Attractive

ATTENTION WOMEN: Your “looks” are not the only thing that attracts men, it’s the total package! Too many women get down on themselves because they believe they are not a “10” in the mirror, resulting in low levels of confidence. Without self-confidence, your chances of finding the perfect man and getting him to commit are slim.

What it Means:

Some will argue, “The only people who say looks don’t matter“, when it comes to attracting a man, are those that aren’t attractive.” This is simply NOT TRUE!

Think of attracting a man as a round of golf. After 18 holes, your score comes to an impressive 85, which is 2 under par for the course! Wow – looks like you’re headed to the PGA tour! That 85 doesn’t reflect the fact that you totally choked on hole 9 with a score of 8 strokes – does it?

This golfing example illustrates the fact that “looks” are only one portion of the total package. If you consider yourself outstanding when it comes to other traits ( i.e. intelligence, sense of humor, passion), then your “score” will be off the charts, despite the few points you lack in “looks”.

Bottom Line:

When it comes to attracting men, it’s not about one personal characteristic that you may or may not have – it’s all about the total score! This is what men find attractive in a woman!


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