What Men Really Want in a Relationship

Have you ever been thinking to yourself, “If only I knew WHAT it is he wants, my life would be so much easier?”

If so, I have good news for you…

This quick guideline will explain what men really want in a relationship.

While every man is different, there are only 3 simple things that almost EVERY man wants in a relationship.

By the way, these strategies work even if you’re single and trying to meet Mr. Right. So, they apply to EVERY girl out there.

Here are the 3 simple things that every man wants in a woman:

1. Every Man Needs Appreciation

People Talk Listen On Tin Can Phone CommunicationWhen a man takes you out to a nice restaurant, or helps you out around the house, all he needs in return is a bit of appreciation.

It doesn’t take much to let him know that you recognize his efforts (just as you would like your own efforts recognized).

Communicate your gratitude for these things openly.

When he knows how much you appreciate him and the things he does for you, he naturally wants to give you more and more of what he does.

Even if he doesn’t buy you diamonds or famous designer handbags, he probably does other nice things for you. Think about what he has already done for you. Did he pick you up from work last night? Did he clean up the house, or take out the garbage?

Appreciate things he does for you and not only your man will be happy, he’ll do more nice things for you.

2. Every Man Needs His Space

Personal Time Concept on Clock for MeHe loves spending time with you, but sometimes every man needs to spend some time apart. He needs his space.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you – this is just how men are.

They need to keep their life in balance in order to be happy. They want it all – love, work, friends and family. And sometimes they just want to do their own things.

Don’t try to monopolize all of his time and energy.

He needs to do his thing: hang out with his buddies, or spend some time on his favorite hobby. You’ll see how he becomes a much happier person if you give him a little freedom and let him spend some time apart from you.

3. Every Man Wants To Win

Businessman With Arms RaisedMen are very competitive by nature. They like challenge and adventure. They are competitive almost in everything – in work, in sports and in their love life too. And they, of course, always want to win.

When you criticize him too much, it is a failure for him. If he fails to make you happy – he lost his challenge. So don’t be too harsh on him with your criticism and judgment.

If there is something you don’t like about what he does, start with “It makes me happy when you…” Set him up to win and always reward his efforts.
Another secret about men is that it is very hard for them to feel confident all of the time. And even those guys who seems to be always confident in themselves feel insecure from time to time.

So, even if he’s not Brad Pitt, make him believe he is. Thank and compliment him more often and you’ll see how his attitude towards you changes and how easy it will be to win his heart.

And the last thing, when in a serious long-term relationship or marriage, don’t forget to tell him those three little words more often, just because he really likes to hear them.

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